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Hentai Foundry Creator Activation

Hentai Foundry Beta

Subless is partnering with HF to beta test a new creator tipping system. Subless subscriber set a flat monthly budget, then browse HF. At the end of the month, that budget is split among all the HF creators they visited - if those creators sign up.


If you're a creator who'd like to be tipped during the beta, here's how to sign up!

Go to your HF profile page

Log in to your Hentai Foundry account and navigate to your HF profile edit page


Link your HF Account to subless

Click the “link to subless” button


Sign up

Click “Sign up” and enter your chosen credentials, and then click “sign up” again to confirm


Configure your Two-Factor Auth

Check your email for your two factor authentication code, enter it, then click confirm.


Review Terms

Review the terms and conditions, and then click accept


Enter your Paypal Address

Enter a paypal address where you’d like to receive your tips each month, and hit submit


Watch your profile

That’s it! You’re set up to be paid by any subless users that browse your content on HF. You can keep track of visits to your content on your creator profile. Payouts occur on the 1st of each month.

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