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About Us

Subless is being developed by two creators-turned-developers, Jon and Marshall.

Jon has toured as a musician and experienced the difficulty with monetizing music first-hand, and Marshall was originally in journalism, a field struggling with how to making money in a world of ad-blockers and subscription sales.

Now we're both full-time developers in bread-and-butter jobs that pay the bills, and spend the rest of our time on subless trying to make it easier for new creators to make money than it was for us.

Our Story

Both Jon and I went into software because we needed a way to pay our bills - but kept the memory of struggling to get paid for creative content.

We had the idea for subless while talking about how frustrating it was to have to juggle our Patreon and other subscriptions, and how bad it felt to leave some people out. We came upon the idea of splitting one subscription among all the people we browsed so we left no one out.

The HF community has been an awesome partner as we improve subless, their writers and artists helping us test features and letting us know the things they need to succeed as creators.

As we continue refining subless in the beta, we're turning our eyes to find new creators and platforms who can benefit from subless - with a goal of giving support to all the creators who are currently left out in the cold with the tools we have today.

If you'd like to learn more, check out these pages for a subscriber or creator!

Meet The Team

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